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Coral reefs are home to billions of sea plants and animals. They are truly amazing places and are among the oldest ecosystems in the world. Colonies of tiny coral animals known as polyps live on the reef along side sea anemones, fish and much more!


Soft bodied corals grow hard cases in order to protect themselves, in time the case turns into stone as the coral polyp grows inside.

As new polyp grow they build on top of each other, thus forming the reef. The polyps cannot move around the reef but use their tentacles to search for food.

Coral polyps are part of the same family as Jellyfish and they reproduce in two ways! An egg can grow into a planula (A young polyp is known as a planula) or an adult can produce a bud which grows into a direct copy of itself!


Coral Facts
Did you know...

- Coral Reefs have existed for over 230 million years!

- Coral Polyps are the small animals that build reefs

- There are two main types of coral - Hard Coral and Soft Coral

- The Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean are coral Islands!


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