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Did you know that there are over 32,000 different fish species in the world? or that a person who studies different fish species is called an ichthyologist? So welcome to all ichthyologists! We have featured a selection of species on this website including interesting facts, information as well as stunning photographs and videos.

Blood Parrot Cichlid

Interesting Parrot Fish Species Information and Facts
The Parrot fish gets its name from the dentition of its teeth. Its teeth are are tightly compacted on the external jaw-bone surface and form a beak which it thought to resemble that of a parrot.

They use this beak to remove algae from coral and other rocks around the reef. As the parrotfish feed, they ingest coral and rock which is ground to sand by its powerful teeth. It is thought that the average parrotfish produces up to 90kg of sand a year!

When they need to sleep, Parrotfish burrow into the sand or find a rock crevice. They secret a mucus which they wrap themselves in, thought to mask their scent from predators and keeping them safe whilst they sleep.


Fish Facts
Did you know...

- Angelfish will breed for life. If one of the pair dies, the other will not breed again!

- The box jellyfish is one of the most venomous creatures in the sea, the toxins from its venom attacks the nervous system, heart and skin!

- The teeth of a Piranaha are sharp enough to cut through a steel fishing hook

- Fish do not have vocal cords but they can make sounds! For example the Oyster toadfish uses its swim bladder to produce a wailing sound which is comparable to the sound made by a foghorn!

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Did The colours, shapes and sizes of individual fishes varies enormously - you really need excellent quality pictures or photographs to assist in the identification process. A combination of the number of fins and their characteristics, color, scale counts, general features, maximum length and distribution are used during a species identification process. The species detailed on this website are Tropical, Saltwater, Aquarium , Marine , Pet , Pond, Clown, Koi,
Beta (Betta), Gold Fish (Goldfish), Star, Angel, Puffer, Discus, Piranha, Rainbow, Parrot, Crustaceans, Sea Anemones and Coral..

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