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Shore Crab

Shore Crab - Description

The Shore Crab is a sea predator and has named as one of the top 100 worlds worst invaders!

It is native to Europe but has been introduced to the US and Australia and is believed to be responsible for the decline of other crab species. It can range vastly in color, from green to brown and grey and red.

Popular Name: Shore Crab, Green Crab
Species: Carcinus maenas

Profile of the Shore Crab

This Profile contains interesting facts and information about the Shore Crab species.

  • Size: Up to 6cm in Length and 9cm Wide

  • Diet / Feeding: Sea Snails, Clams, Young Fish

  • Habitat: Up to 15m depth, coastal marine waters

  • Behaviour: Aggressive, one of the most successful sea predators

  • Range: Native to North Atlantic and Baltic Sea but introduced to Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America as well as Australia, South America and South Africa

Scientific Classification of the Shore Crab

Definition: Scientific classification, or biological classification, is how biologists group and categorize species of organisms with shared physical characteristics. Scientific classification belongs to the science of taxonomy.

  • Species: Carcinus maenas

  • Popular Name: Shore Crab - European Green Crab - Green Crab

  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Arthropoda

  • Class: Malacostraca

  • Order: Decapoda

  • Family: Portunidae

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Facts about Fish Species - Shore Crab

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