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Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish Species
Rainbow fish are perfect aquarium fish! They are lively and integrate well with most types of fish. An ideal fish for the beginner as they are hardy. Rainbow fish are also very attractive and come in a variety of colors. They prefer medium to hard water and if the water is not right, they can be found towards the bottom of the tank with their fins stuck to their bodies. This can be resolved by testing the water on a regular basis, ensuring the filter is working correctly and performing partial water changes.

Interesting Rainbow Fish Species Information and Facts

Rainbow Fish Fact 1: A well planted aquarium with lots of hiding places will result in a less stressed and more colourful rainbow fish!

Rainbow Fish Fact 2: Rainbow fish are split into three families: Pseudomugilidae (Blue Eyes), Melanotaeniidae (Rainbowfishes) and Atherinidae (Silversides)

Rainbow Fish Fact 3: Fish do not have vocal chords but they can make sounds! The Oyster toadfish for example uses its swim bladder to produce a loud wailing sound which has been compared to the sound of a foghorn!

Rainbow Fish Fact 4: Rainbow fish are omnivorous; they feed on small crustaceans, insect larvae and algae



Facts about Fish Species
Did The colours, shapes and sizes of individual fishes varies enormously - you really need excellent quality pictures or photographs to assist in the identification process.

A combination of the number of fins and their characteristics, color, scale counts, general features, maximum length and distribution are used during a species identification process.

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